Sunday, June 24, 2018

Updates:           PTI will turn Pakistan into an Islamic welfare state                   Musharraf hopes he will not be clipped of right to contest polls                   LHC sets up full bench to hear petitions about articles 62, 63                   ECP writes letter to political parties, seeks help on polls                  

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    Pakistan Muslim League Functional (PML F)

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    Pakistan Muslim League Manifesto

    Pakistan Muslim League manifesto is motivated by a simple idea that we have the potential to create a much better future for our children, and ourselves but will only be able to do so if we work together with new purpose, new direction and new leadership.

    We want to be proud of Pakistan but lack confidence. We need to bridge the gap between our potential and performance. We have to build hope, change the mindset of despondency so that we are masters of change rather than victims of it. We need to revive people's confidence and aspirations in our institutions. The youth of our country, who are able and energetic should be fired with ambition but tempered by idealism, compassion and justice. The Muslim League cannot countenance poverty and unemployment. We cannot escape the crimes that come from despair. The country can not be strong and fearful. We live as one nation and must act as one too.

    As we look around there is a great deal of lawlessness. Innocent citizens, many of them distinguished in their professions have been killed by terrorists. The institutions of the government seem paralyzed and necessary steps are not taken to apprehend the culprits and bring them to trial. For most of our children the quality of education is poor that does not equip them for the challenges of the future. Health facilities are mostly rudimentary and thus inadequate. Most of the youth are clamoring for jobs. Citizens are waiting for economic revival so that their dreams for a better life come true.


    Pakistan was envisioned as a modern, democratic, welfare based on Islamic principles and values. Its polity is based on the principles of a federation with a parliamentary system of government. Unfortunately, in practice misgovernance, misadministration, mismanagement and corruption have -been responsible for governments not completing their full tenure.

    Pakistan Muslim League shall take the following measures to improve the performance of the government.

    1.         Parliament's role will be made more effective as follows: -

    a.       Legislation by Presidential Ordinance shall be done away with, as this militates against the letter and spirit of the parliamentary system.

    b.       Special TV Channel shall be set up to cover the proceedings of Parliament live.

    c.        The functioning of the Parliamentary Committees shall be made more efficient by, making them accountable to the respective ministries and, departments.

    d.       All major policy decisions of the government shall be made on the floor ' of the Parliament/respective Provincial Assemblies.

    2.            Appropriate legislation shall be introduced for funding of political parties by companies, societies, public bodies or individuals.

    3.                   It shall, be ensured that the election expenses allowed are adhered to through appropriate monitoring mechanism established to keep expenditures within limits. Those exceeding the prescribed limits shall be dealt with appropriately.

    4.                   An ethics committee each shall be established for both the houses that shall monitor the conduct of respective members.

    5.       Rules of business shall be amended so that no expenditure is made without prior approval of the National Assembly.

    6.       Elected members shall be subject to `conflict of interest legislation' on business activities or in cases where any interest pertaining to a member is involved.

    7.       All expenditures of state for frivolous purposes shall be curtailed or done away with.

    8.       Voting rights for Pakistani citizens residing in foreign countries shall be extended.

    9.       Young and educated persons shall be encouraged to take part in political activity.

    10.    Assets of elected representatives shall be disclosed as a public record.

    11.    Limits shall be prescribed on the number of ministers and advisors that can be appointed in the federal and provincial governments.

    12.    Through the National Finance Award, more funds shall be given from the federation to the provinces and from the provinces to the local institutions.

    13.    Voting age shall be maintained at 18 years.

    14.    Women shall be encouraged to take part in all walks of life. They should have greater representation in the superior judiciary and the Armed Forces in addition to the Parliament/Assemblies.

    15. The process of accountability in all public services shall be institutionalized particularly for the elected representatives.

    16.    Role of opposition in the Parliament and outside shall have full institutional protection, as is the case in all parliamentary systems of government.


    The fundamental duty of the government is to maintain law and order. Governments in the past have been overlooking their basic duty of upholding the rule of law, and pursuing more mundane affairs such as political power and personal aggrandizement. Pakistan Muslim League shall pursue basic norms and values of a civilized society as under: -,

    1.       The rule of law shall be upheld at all levels throughout the country.

    2.       The state functionaries shall protect the weak against the powerful.

    3.       Police reforms shall be carried out to make police service as an efficient, citizens friendly institution rather than as an oppressive body.

    4.       The district as a unit of administration shall be strengthened by providing adequate financial resources and improving the quality of officers serving the people.

    5.       Judicial procedures shall be modernized, simplified wherever possible to reduce delay.

    6.       Judges of the subordinate judiciary have a key role in ensuring that the new procedures deliver the objectives of reducing cost, delay and complexity, by managing cases to ensure that litigants and their representatives keep to the timetable and undertake only the essential work. In fact, to facilitate their working, the judges and their staff shall be provided with information technology assistance.

    7.       The prison service shall be made effective, efficient and responsive. Conditions in jails shall be improved through an effective inspectorate system.

    8.       Rehabilitation of prisoners shall be facilitated by training them in industrial work such as textiles, engineering, woodwork, pottery & horticulture, during their term of sentence.

    9.       Legal aid schemes shall be set up for the needy, especially for orphans, women and other less privileged sections of society.

    10.    The role of Panchayats shall be strengthened at district, tehsil & village level.


    Life, liberty, equal opportunity and equality before the law are fundamental and absolute rights of all citizens according to Islamic principles enshrined in our constitution. We shall try to implement these principles in letter and spirit as follows: -

    1.      By strengthening the law enforcement system applicable to all citizens fairly and uniformly

    2.      Strengthening the office of Ombudsman to keep a check on working of all ministries and departments at the center and the provincial levels.

    3.      All citizens have equal rights to employment through competitive examinations conducted by respective Public Service Commissions and other independent institutions. Admissions to professional and educational institutions shall be on merit.

    4.      Harassment of citizens by government agencies shall be considered as an offence.

    5.      Child labour shall be disallowed and appropriate legislation enforced for the purpose.

    6.      Extra judicial killings by state functionaries shall be treated as an offence.

    7.      The culture of police stations shall be change to stop illegal harassment of citizens.



    Governance in Pakistan needs far reaching reforms. The government machinery is largely inefficient, corrupt and unnecessarily secretive. All the systems are highly bureaucratized and not friendly to the citizens.


    Government by Law and not by Discretion

    1.       All discretionary powers shall be withdrawn. Government decisions must conform to laid down rules and regulations.

    2.       Rules and regulations shall be streamlined and simplified and the quality of public service shall be improved for the benefit of the common man.


    Strengthening of State Institutions

    Bureaucracy shall be depoliticised by ensuring security of tenure and acceptance of responsibility with greater accountability. State institutions shall be made more responsive to the needs of the people and less susceptible to political abuse.


    More functions of the government shall devolve from the federal

    Government to the provincial governments.. It shall be ensured from the provincial to the district level.

    Abuse of power, accumulation of wealth through illegal means and corrupt practices have been the bane of our society. The following measures shall be taken to minimize them:

    a.       The National Accountability Bureau shall be strengthened to carry out its duties without any hindrance.

    b.       The anti-corruption department at the provincial level shall be streamlined to investigate all civil servants and bring those charged with corruption to justice.

    c.        All elected representatives and government officials, industrialists and businessmen shall be required to disclose their financial interests and assets periodically. These shall be open to public for scrutiny.



    All unnecessary expenditures in the government sector shall be reduced as follows: -

    1.       There will be restructuring of the government to make it effective, efficient and responsive to the needs of the citizens.

    2.       Size of the entourage of the President and the Prime Minister shall be curtailed for foreign visits. Wherever possible commercial flights shall be used instead of special flights for these visits.

    3.       The practice of holding sumptuous banquets and receptions shall be done away with.

    4.       Medical treatment abroad at government expense shall be abolished except for poor patients, who cannot be treated within the country.

    5.       Foreign tours abroad at government expense shall be curtailed.

    6.       Ministers and officials who are entitled to use official cars shall be allowed only one car.


    Agriculture sector is the largest and most vital part of our economy. It needs special attention through financial assistance and consistency in agricultural policies. Pakistan Muslim League intends to upgrade, modernize and make it a very competitive segment of our economy. Main points of the agriculture package shall be as follows: -

    1.      Every agricultural district of the country shall be evaluated and a ten-year plan of development shall be devised keeping in view its land, water, technical, capital and human resources.

    2.      Small, medium and large dams shall be constructed to store water for irrigation and energy generation.

    3.      A master plan shall be devised to have wheat exported to established markets and earn precious foreign exchange. Modern storage system shall be established to minimize losses.

    4.      Prices of agriculture produce shall be gradually brought in line with international prices on the basis of export parity prices.

    5.      Allocation of credit to agriculture sector shall be substantially enhanced and procedures simplified. Special attention shall be given to small landowners.

    6.      Agriculture universities and some of the agricultural institutes shall be asked to run practical courses to train growers in different crops periodically. These courses shall differ from region to region.

    7.      State lands shall be sold at reasonable price to those actually tilling them.

    8.      Production and marketing of high value crops shall be promoted.

    9.      Fruits, vegetables and flowers production shall be supported through financial, technical and research facilities with special emphasis on marketing especially for export.

    10. A Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries shall be created as livestock contributes 10% to the total GDP.

    11. Livestock sector needs to be substantially upgraded by improving the genetic lines and the quality of feed.

    12. Agro based industries shall be upgraded for low value products and those of high value products shall be promoted.

    13. Crop insurance scheme shall be , started to protect crop growers from natural calamities.

    14. Insurance schemes for livestock shall be commenced and promoted.

    15. Physical infrastructure is both inadequate and in a state of disrepair. Rural roads and rural electrification shall be given priority.

    16. Brick lining of canals, cementing of water outlets, and precision land leveling shall be given due emphasis, leading to increased productivity of crops.

    17. Sewerage and drinking water schemes shall have major focus in the rural areas.

    18. Education and health facilities in rural areas shall be upgraded.

    19. Solution for salinity and water logging problems shall be pursued through different schemes.

    20. Prices of agricultural inputs i.e., seed, fertilizer and pesticides shall be rationalized by reducing GST.

    21. Agricultural machinery industry shall be promoted by giving appropriate incentives.

    22. The Abiana system shall be revised to avoid mal-practices.

    23. Agriculture taxation system shall be rationalized.

    24. The fisheries sector shall be promoted by setting up necessary infrastructure.

    25. A forestation needs a new vision. Production, marketing and research need to be upgraded and modernized keeping in view changes taking place globally. We shall try to double area under forest in next ten years.

    26. Barani schemes shall have special emphasis by upgrading production and streamlining marketing.

    27. Flat rate for electric tube wells wherever feasible shall be revived.

    28. In drought hit areas, where possible, loans up to Rs. 1.00 lac shall be rescheduled.


    The economy of Pakistan has had a comparatively lower growth rate of 3% to 4% per annum in the 1990s as compared to the growth rate of 5.50% to 6% per annum in the 1980s. The reasons for lower growth rate in the last decade were deteriorating law and order situation, political instability due to frequent changes of governments and lack of consistent and sustainable economic policy. Pakistan Muslim League has a major commitment to revive the economic functions, as it is vital that the economic growth rate be increased in the next three years to 5% to 6% per annum. In order to achieve this the following measures shall be taken:­

    1.      A major restructuring of the government shall take place to reduce the costs to improve the performance of the government sector thereby making it more efficient and responsive.

    2.      An environment shall be created in which tax collection can be streamlined in a manner more transparent and efficient.

    3.      Appropriate fiscal policies shall bring about lower inflation and promote greater investment.

    4.      To promote industrialization and make it competitive, credit
    allocation and other financial facilities shall be provided.

    5.      All appropriate steps shall be taken to increase agricultural production especially in high value crops having export market.

    6.      All banks and other financial institutions shall be reformed and their performance monitored so that malpractices of the past are arrested. Wherever feasible financial institutions shall be privatized.

    7.      The State Bank shall be fully autonomous under the constitution in accordance with the law.

    8.      A review of privatization of the last 10 years shall be carried out within three months of the forming of the government and after appraisal privatization shall be carried out in a transparent manner wherever necessary.

    9.      Pakistan Muslim League shall try to bring a long-term perspective in the economic transformation of the country which shall be achieved through the following measures:

    a.      The infrastructure of the country shall be upgraded and expanded through partnership of the private and public sector. Major highways and where feasible, motorways shall be constructed.

    b.      The rural road network from farm to market shall be expanded to make production of agriculture crops cost effective and promote market opportunities.

    c.      Pakistan Railway network shall be upgraded and modernized. Better quality management shall be put in place to increase the number of passengers and freight load.

    d.      Airports shall be upgraded and modernized to handle additional passenger and freight load. These would be made more cost effective to attract foreign airlines.

    e.      Seaports shall also be modernized and shipping industry encouraged and promoted.

    f.        Economic environment for investment shall be enhanced by improving law and order situation.

    g.      Incentives shall be given to both local and foreign investors, especially those who promote and enhance value added exports. Special zones shall be created to attract foreign entrepreneurs, capital and technology.

    h.      A review shall be carried out to examine the reason for exports not having risen in the last few years and necessary changes to increase exports shall be put into place.

    i.        Appropriate policies shall be devised to bring about higher agricultural growth to increase productivity and income especially in the rural community.

    j.         Policies shall be evolved through modernization of the industrial sector to bring about sustainability in the manufacturing sector.

    k.      A dynamic energy policy shall be devised through
    rationalizing cost to promote and encourage all the
    indigenous sources of energy especially hydro­
    electricity, to reduce the cost of electricity in the country.

    l.         To bring about a change by allocating all resources in a
    more prudent manner in which the budget can be balanced to gradually reduce dependence on foreign loans.

    m.    To attain the above, an effective implementation of the national environment strategy shall have to be carried out to preserve the country's natural resources such as land, water and forests.


    The following policies and measures shall be carried out to revive the industrial sector and promote trade and services sector.

    1.      Laws governing trade and industry shall be put into effect in consultation with the Chambers of Industry and Commerce.

    2.      These laws shall facilitate industrial production and increase trade through deregulation to allow both to flourish.

    3.      The system of General Sales Tax shall be rationalized to improve the competitiveness of the industries and streamline the growth of the economy.

    4.      Tariff sector of import shall be streamlined to promote investment in export-oriented industry. Export of high value agricultural crops such as fruits, vegetables, flowers, dairy products,' fish and fish products and processed food especially to the Gulf States, South East Asia and Far East shall be given special attention and incentives.

    5.      Policy shall be devised to promote and encourage value added products such as garments and other high quality products in the textile business so that we can change our traditional concept of low value yarn exports.

    6.      The laws pertaining to Customs, Central Excise and Sales Tax shall be streamlined in a manner to protect the taxpayers against harassment by appointing Ombudsmen at different locations. Consultation with trade, industry, agriculture and service sector shall be given priority at the time of making the, budget etc.

    7.      Consumer protection legislation shall be put into place.

    8.      Taxation policy shall be carried out in consultation with all the business, industrial, trade and agriculture sectors.

    9.      Mini budgets shall not be introduced without the approval of the National Assembly.



    Education shall become the top priority of the government, which shall aim to raise the education standards to levels that compare favorably with countries of middle level income. New measures shall be introduced to rationalize class sizes, raise standards in schools and upgrade local (district and tehsil) education authorities, enhance status and quality of teaching profession, review curriculum by updating textbooks, setting up student support programs especially for girls in the rural areas. We believe that investment in development of education skills and training is the best way to build a healthy and vibrant society and a stable, competitive economy with steady growth. New reforms and initiatives in education shall comprise of the following: -

    1.      Ensure national learning targets are set for 5-10 years and achieved in primary, secondary, technical, vocational, college and higher education.

    2.      In order for these targets to be achieved, a minimum amount of funding (3.0% of the GDP) shall be set-aside for educational sector through legislation. This amount shall be increased to 4% of the GDP over 10 years.

    3.      With funding ensured the targets (2002-2010) shall be as follows:­

    a.      Hundred percent literacy by 2012 and hundred percent age going attendance at primary level (Grade I to 8)

    b.      Fifty percent age going (12-16) at secondary level­ (Grade 9-12) by 2012.

    c.      Five percent age going (18-21) at university level by 2012.

    4.      In addition to attaining numerical targets the following measures shall be taken: -

    a.      Pre-school education nursery classes shall be set-up over a period of time (2002-2012) to induct children aged 4.

    b.      Literacy and Numeracy classes shall be conducted for illiterates and dropouts. This should also promote basic skills alongwith literacy.

    c.      Education action zones (EAZs) shall be setup in areas where local partnerships between schools and the local community shall seek to develop new and imaginative approaches to raising school standards. To start with 100 EAZs in all districts shall be set up in the first 2 years for which funds shall be provided.

    d.      Excellence in rural areas shall be encouraged by setting up a `School of Excellence' in all districts and major tehsils. Admission shall be through open competitive exams. 25% students shall be admitted on need basis. Others shall be self-financing.

    e.      All private schools shall be encouraged to give admission to needy students on competitive basis and this could to offset through corresponding tax relief.

    f.        The standard of private schools shall be monitored periodically by regulatory bodies.

    g.      Government shall fund modem apprenticeship schemes and national trainee-ships for vocations in collaboration with local industry to provide skilled persons for trade and industry.

    h.      Government shall promote an online educational resource (a grid) in coordination with Telecommunications Industry, which will be an important means of encouraging and promoting computer literacy. Comprising interconnecting learning networks and education services based on the Internet, the gird shall support teaching, learning, training and administration in school, colleges, universities, libraries, workplaces and homes.

    i.        University education shall be improved through better­qualified faculty, exchanges of faculty and students with foreign universities. An ongoing evaluation and monitoring system shall have to be put into place for raising standards of universities.' Universities shall be encouraged to raise standards and seek to develop into institutions of excellence.

    j.         Research (Applied and Basic) especially in the scientific disciplines shall have to be encouraged at all levels of education. A spirit of inquiry and innovation shall be inculcated in our education milieu. This will lead to a healthy trend in bringing about change leading to competitiveness and excellence.

    k.      Children coming from low-income households shall be given opportunities by competing in exams and having reserved seats in educational institution at all levels.

    l.         Teacher Training Institutions shall be upgraded to compete with the private teacher training institutes like the Agha khan Institute at Karachi or Ali Teacher Training Institute at Lahore. The courses of pre and post teacher training institutes shall have to be upgraded. Promotion shall be linked to passing these courses.

    m.    Curriculum shall have to be constantly reviewed especially in the science subjects and the textbooks modified accordingly.

    n.      A new partnership shall be established between universities and the industry. Industry shall be encouraged to network with universities especially for research.

    o.      Compulsory and free education upto matriculation shall be provided to all students.

    p.      Scholarships shall be provided to outstanding students at different levels of education.

    q.      National testing services shall be set up centrally to evaluate students at different levels.


    Successive governments have failed to give Pakistan a viable health system. We shall set up health programmes both in terms for basic policy formulation as well as implementing different aspects of these policy programmes as follows:

    1.      A progressive and forward looking national health policy which shall be all pervasive and cover the whole country shall be put into effect.

    2.      The financial allocations to health programmes shall be increased substantially each year to facilitate health facilities and to give adequate compensation to doctors, medical practitioners and paramedical staff.

    3.      The health programmes for rural areas shall have a special emphasis at the doctors and para-medical staffs are not keen to serve in far-flung areas. Incentive schemes shall be evolved to attract qualified medical practitioners to serve in the Basic Health Units and Rural Health Centres.

    4.      The schemes shall focus on the rural and urban poor especially women and children.

    5.      Regular programmes for information and education on preventive health, nutrition, water and sanitation through mass media shall be projected.

    6.      Mass media shall also be used for upgrading through refresher courses the capacity in para medical staff in basic health programmes.

    7.      A database will be established countrywide to compile relevant data through MIS and Data System.

    8.      Institute compulsory health and nutrition monitoring programmes for girls and boys through basic school system.

    9.      Medical colleges and teaching hospitals shall have to improve the standards of teaching, research and medical facilities in order to serve the people in an efficient and effective way.

    10. Many medical colleges have already been given autonomous status and they must be properly monitored so that they maintain standards of excellence. Gradually the medical colleges shall be given autonomous status.

    11. The health programme will cover 100% vaccination of children. 50% reduction in maternal and infant mortality and at least 10% reduction in rate of population growth shall be aimed at.

    12. Provision of clean water and sewerage on priority basis shall be ensured throughout the country. These schemes must be locally conceived and implemented to ensure sustainability.

    13. Private sector shall be encouraged to expand the facility for manufacturing of pharmaceutical drugs and diagnostic equipment to lower the cost for the people without compromising on the required standards.

    14. An independent Drug and Food Authority shall be set up to enforce proper checks on spurious drugs, and regulate the prices of medicines to keep them within affordable limits.

    15. Establish a National Health Insurance Policy for comprehensive health coverage on a prorate basis. This coverage shall be gradually extended to apply to all the citizens.

    16. Restructure the medical and para-medical curricula and teaching/training systems to bring them in line with modern standards.

    17. Re-organize the testing and certification/ specialization procedures for Pakistan Medical and Dental Council.

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