Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML N)

Nawaz Sharif
Chair Person
Shahbaz Sharif
Party Flag
Party Symbol

The Pakistan Muslim League (N) is a political party in Pakistan. It is led by Nawaz Sharif.
History and Background
It was Pakistan Muslim League, founded in 1962, as a successor to the previously disbanded Muslim League, and gained the (Nawaz) or (N) in 1993 for its leader, Nawaz Sharif. A Pakistan Muslim League (J) was formed in 1986.
Current Status

A Pakistan Muslim League (Q) split from it in 2001, and there are various other parties with similar names. Despite Musharraf's best efforts to put aside the party leaders in exile and others in jail,legislative elections on 20 October 2002, the party won 9.4% of the popular vote and 14 out of 272 elected members.